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Xspero is an innovative social-giving network that makes it easier than ever to help those who help others. We bring together devoted supporters, local merchants, and media companies to benefit charities and each other. Join the network and download the app today!

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The Xspero Network


Xspero is the new way to give to your favorite charity, without spending more. You purchase Xspero Dollars on Xspero for goods and services, redeem at the merchant’s location for the full value paid, and then feel good knowing 20% was donated to the charity of your choice.

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Xspero believes in the ability of charities and the impact they have on others. Through everyday household purchases, your supporters can select your organization to receive 20% of their Xspero Dollars purchase on Xspero.

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Local merchants provide so much to the communities they serve. Xspero is a tool to grow your business with new customers, without devaluing your product or service.

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Media companies

To continue providing the valuable content your viewers enjoy, you need the support of advertisers. With Xspero, you can maximize your revenue, tap into your unsold inventory, and build trust and credibility with local merchants.

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July 9, 2020

10 South Jersey Restaurants Offering Outdoor Dining Options

South Jersey restaurants on the Xspero™ network offering outdoor dining options are making it easy to dine and donate to your favorite local charities. It’s Xspero™, al fresco! From now until August 31st, you can dine at any of these South Jersey restaurants with the Xspero™ app and 100% of…
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Summertime Wines from This Standout South Jersey Winery

A South Jersey winery is a special kind of place. You might say it’s in the soil. From the vineyard to the spacious outdoor area at Bellview, this South Jersey winery has sights to see and wines to savor this summer as businesses finally reopen.   Picture this: a laid-back afternoon barefoot in the grass. It’s Saturday and the sun is high. You reach…
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The Xspero™ app and website are part of a patent-pending method.